Music Stuff

This one time at band camp I got a BA in music. These days when I compose, which isn’t nearly as much as I used to, I use Logic Pro X and Reason 6. I try to stay away from hardware to keep the studio setup simple since my studio is basically my office.

Someday I’ll release an EP or something.

OC Remixes

I did some video game music arrangements.

Forest Fire is an arrangement of a level from UN Squadron. This was back during the Cakewalk days, done with a bunch of soundfonts found online. Some have praised it, saying “So this is unexpectedly kinda cool.” Others have stated “This is so midi it makes me sick.” There’s a revised mix of this here

Flashbulb Junk is an arrangement of Michael’s theme from the NES version of Maniac Mansion. This was done in Reason 2.5 with stuff from the Orkester sound bank and some leftover soundfonts from the Cakewalk era. Once again there are mixed reviews, things like “A little too repetitive for me, but some cool ideas” and “I’m just gonna have to agree what everyone else says.” – My OC Remix Page

Currently Unnamed Barbershop/Acapella Group

Me and some other guys in the southern Adirondacks have started an acapella group.

Songs we know include:

  • Coney Island Baby
  • Good Ole Summertime
  • The Longest Time
  • Happy Together

Interested in having us perform for your event? Get in touch.

Nerdy Stuff

I like computers. Here are some things I’ve done with them.

iTunes Zero

I’m an iTunes fanatic. In these posts I try to apply Merlin Mann’s Inbox Zero methods to iTunes. The basic idea is to have an inbox playlist for iTunes, confirm the metadata, and develop smart playlists to automatically sort your music for you.

These was written a while ago, so some of this stuff may not be applicable anymore, and there’s better software out, but I still use the same basic process almost four years later.1

Automator Workflows

There was a time when iTunes didn’t have an “Auto Add To iTunes folder. That’s what I use now when I get music from Amazon MP3 or any other sources. I made this workflow to more easily add music to my iTunes library.

Instapaper can send to your Kindle every week, but what if you want a little more flexibility? This post provides step by step instructions on using Automator to download your Instapaper .mobi file and email it to your Kindle.

  1. I stopped trying to tag songs as instrumentals. It just wasn’t worth the effort. Sorry for the lack of images. They got lost during a server migration.