Snark Per Minute

Years ago we were Time’s person of the year. Now we’re like audience members of a late night show that try to be funny and fail.

Valley of The Blahs:

It feels as if we’re all trying to be a cheeky guest on a late-night show, a reality show contestant or a toddler with a tiara on Twitter — delivering the performance of a lifetime, via a hot, rapid-fire string of commentary, GIFs or responses that help us stand out from the crowd. We’re sold on the idea that if we’re good enough, it could be our ticket to success, landing us a fleeting spot in a round-up on BuzzFeed or The Huffington Post, or at best, a writing gig. But more often than not, it translates to standing on a collective soapbox, elbowing each other for room, in the hopes of being credited with delivering the cleverest one-liner or reaction. Much of that ensues in hilarity. Perhaps an equal amount ensues in exhaustion.

Just follow people you actually like. I’ve set aside the snark to a list for when I need to get my fill. Oddly, I don’t go to that list as much as I thought I would.


Not all of that is snark…that probably happened in between the gaps.