New Order — BBC Radio | Live In Concert

BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert

Year: 1987 (Released 1992)
Label: Strange Fruit
Length: 59:09

There aren’t many official live recordings of New Order, if any, so this BBC Radio recording of New Order’s 1987 Glastonbury appearance is as close as you’ll get to one that’s not on a DVD.

I’ve often read that New Order isn’t so great live. They would leave the stage and go home while pattern-based synths and drum machines continue doing their thing. After hearing this recording I believe it.

This is New Order at the height of their success. Bernard Sumner was never a great vocalist, but he is obviously high or drunk on this recording. He goes flat. Lyrics get slurred. He messes up the melodica part on Your Silent Face. He is not on his A-Game.

But what are you going to do? NOT see New Order and NOT dance your ass off like an idiot, especially back in 1987?

Track # Title Rating
1 Touched By The Hand of God ★★★★
2 Temptation ★★★★
3 True Faith ★★★★★
4 Your Silent Face ★★★★
5 Every Second Counts ★★★
6 Bizarre Love Triangle ★★★★
7 Perfect Kiss ★★★★★
8 Age Of Consent ★★★
9 Sister Ray ★★★★

Looks like this is a pretty rare recording. You can’t get it on Amazon MP3, iTunes, or Spotify. Way to go, 10 years ago me, who bought the Joy Division / New Order set.