Musical Reverse Engineering / Borat Dance Music

I have learned two things since discovering Italo Disco.

  1. There is a God
  2. He wants me to listen to and create Croatian dance music1

This kind of discovery is a sort of musical reverse engineering. MF Doom beats led me towards appreciating Steely Dan, Ronnie Laws, and other 70s jazz and fusion music. Now I’m discovering Italo Disco through chillwave music like Washed Out.

Hip-Hop artists like Doom or Kanye West might take a sample from a 70s fusion record. Similarly, Washed Out took a sample from an obscure 1980s euro-disco artist, Gary Low, and slowed it way down to provide the base of the track Feel It All Around.

Gary Low – I Want You

Washed Out – Feel It All Around

Kanye, Daft Punk, Washed Out…Through new music we’re discovering old music.

So lately I’ve been trying to find more music from Gary Low…which isn’t easy.2 None of the online stores have full albums from him, although a few have a single greatest hits collection. There’s also a few Italo disco collections floating around. With all of these the artwork gives me a feeling like whoever published it waited for some European copyright law to run out so they could make a quick buck.

  1. Which I can totally do since I have Reason 5. 

  2. My thoughts on Lester Bangs basement, which doesn’t have the stuff I’m looking for.