In The Boardroom: The Formation of the Facebook Notes Application

INT – Facebook offices circa 2007. The engineering team is in the middle of their bi-weekly meeting to discuss new features

Zuckerberg: Uhh – Alright guys. What do you have for me?

Engineer 1: Well, we were thinking about blogs. A lot of people have blogs, but for some people setting up a blog is too complicated.

Engineer 2: Hell, for some people turning on their LAPTOP is too complicated! Right fellas!?

Engineer 1: …

Zuckerberg: So where are we going with this?

Engineer 1: What if each Facebook profile had a blog, but we didn’t call it a blog – we called it Notes?

Zuckerberg: Notes, huh?

Engineer 2: Right – like you could write a note about a topic. Just like on a blog.

Engineer 3: Or you could use it like passing notes, like you did in school?

Engineer 1 and 2: NO! Not like that at all!

Zuckerberg: No wait – wait. What do you mean?

Engineer 1: We discussed this – this is a dumb idea.

Engineer 3: Well, what if you could tag people in a note, and then you write your note like you’re a 2nd grader and ask people important questions like what music they’re currently listening to, or what’s the first thing they ate today.

Engineer 2: Roger, I fuckin’, I can’t believe you’re still on this bullshit.

Engineer 1: Zuck, don’t worry about this. It’s stupid.

Zuckerberg: No – I see it’s usefulness. You can tag people in photos and in notes. That could be good if the note mentions somebody on Facebook.

Engineer 3: Well, sure. But it wouldn’t be used like that at all. Like I said, it would be for passing notes.

Engineer 1: Don’t you see how this would just be bastardized into some 21st century chain letter?

Engineer 2: Nobody would actually write anything. There would just be quizzes and stuff.

Zuckerberg: Sure, whatever. I like my idea better. Guys, I want you working on this immediately. Good stuff.

Zuckerberg leaves

Engineer 3: I think that went well, don’t you?