Pivot — O Soundtrack My Heart


Year: 2008
Label: Warp
Length: 51:12

I like a lot of stuff that Warp puts out, but O Soundtrack My Heart is my most recent favorite, even considering it’s been almost four years since O Soundtrack My Heart has been released.

Try to file it under Post-Rock, but that cover art will leave you thinking of Jean-Michel Jarre’s Oxygene. And rather than some guys just messing around with guitars and effects pedals for 50 minutes, Pivot (or PVT, as they’re now known as) do more than create some atmospheric jumble that I often hear in the genre.

Haunting. Highly recommended.

Track # Title Rating
1 October ★★★
2 In The Blood ★★★★★
3 O Soundtrack My Heart ★★★★
4 Fool In Rain ★★★★
5 Sing, You Sinners ★★★★
6 Sweet Memory ★★★★
7 Love Like I ★★★★
8 Didn’t I Furious ★★★
9 Epsilon ★★★★
10 Nothing Hurts Machine ★★★★
11 My Heart Like Marching Band ★★★★
12 Furious No Furious (iTunes Bonus Track) ★★★★