Interview with John Carpenter In The Quietus

Your scores have been cited by a lot of modern synth/ noise/ underground bands as a huge influence. Are you aware of this? What do you think of the resurgence in interest in your scores, as well as those of Goblin or Vangelis? Is it a case of people catching on belatedly to the innovations you spear-headed?

JC: I’m flattered by this. But there are also tribute bands to the scores from Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man video games so I try to keep this stuff in perspective.

Altair Nouveau — Dark Energy


Year: 2009
Label: Emusic Selects
Length: 30:14

Electronic, dark John Carpenter styled music meets dance beats. Probably my favorite thing I ever got from Emusic.

As part of Emusic Selects, Emusic’s series of exclusive releases, it’s only available through Emusic. If you’re into this kind of music it may be worth giving Emusic a trial. Currently the album is selling at $2.45.

Track # Title Rating
1 Death on Four Wheels ★★★★
2 Cosmos ★★★★★
3 Dark Energy ★★★★
4 Street Thunder II ★★★★
5 Destroyer ★★★★