Valerie and Friends


Year: 2009
Label: Valerie
Length: 1:17:27

French electronic group College gained some popularity after the release of the movie Drive. The track A Real Hero, with Electric Youth, was featured during the movie and quickly became part of Drive memes.

But if you’re interested in more of that style of music, futuristic french electro, then you’ll want to pickup up this compilation featuring other artists on the french label Valerie.

Track # Title Artist Rating
1 Zombie Lady Minitel Rose ★★★★
2 Long Distance Hearts Anoraak ★★★★
3 Starlighter Jupiter ★★★★
4 Inner Sanctum Dvas ★★★★
5 The Light Of Your Dress College ★★★★
6 Deep In The Forest Keenhouse ★★★★
7 Faces Electric Youth ★★★★
8 Daytona Russ Chimes ★★★★★
9 Lost In Big City Maethelvin ★★★★
10 Runaways The Outrunners ★★★★
11 Eyes Like The Ocean Futurecop! ★★★★
12 1stracklove ((Instrumental)) Moulinex, Press Release ★★★★
13 Last Scene (Daytona Mirage) SymbolOne ★★★★
14 Woodstock Xinobi ★★★★
15 Excalibur Galactica Narctrax ★★★★
16 Red Sonja Loose Shus ★★★★
17 Saturnalia Steve Moore ★★★

McCartney II

The Quietus speaks with Sir Paul about McCartney II, McCartney’s 1980 album that goes from the pop songs like Goodnight Tonight and ballads like Waterfalls to electronic experiments like Secret Friend and Checking My Machine.

Baron von Luxury at Disco Workout adds:

I’ll bet you could fool your friends into thinking they’re from a new P4K darling band, headlining the next ATP and FYF. But no: they’re from the dude who wrote “Yesterday.”

This may be my favorite McCartney solo album.

Osborne — Osborne


Year: 2008
Genre: Electronic
Label: Ghostly International / Spectral Sound

Somewhere between Detroit techno, acid…runs pretty long at about about 77 minutes.

It’s from Ghostly International, so if you like anything from them already you’ll probably like this.1

Track # Title Rating
1 16th Stage ★★★★
2 Downtown ★★★★
3 Evenmore ★★★
4 L8 (As TNT) ★★★★
5 Suffer ★★★★
6 Our Definition of a Breakdown ★★★
7 Ruling ★★★
8 Afrika ★★
9 Air Pistol ★★★★
10 Detune ★★★★
11 Outta Sight ★★★★
12 Junk Food ★★★★
13 Fresh ★★★★
14 There ★★★★★
15 5th Stage ★★★★
Album Rating ★★★★

  1. The free Ghostly Swim Compilation can also give you a taste of everything Ghostly. It also features the funkiest Osborne track, Wait A Minute