“Income Inequality Killed The Music Business”

Bob Lefsetz:

They say MTV saved the music business. One could argue quite strongly it killed it. As for the excoriated disco that killed rock… We now know that corporate rock deserved to die and that it’s disco that survives. Yes, all the beats of EDM started in disco. Disco was made by a marginalized group who lived to party every day. And punk and new wave were experimental and vital sub-genres of rock that rebelled against what came before. But everyone in the game knew you could get rich if you had a hit. Even Johnny Rotten.

Why did/do people think Disco sucks?

I’ve always wondered why people think this. Jesse Thorn interviewed Nile Rodgers of Chic on The Sound Of Young America and brought this up:

Disco, at its height in 1978, 1979, was getting it from two sides. One side was this return to Rock N’ Roll that spawned “Disco Sucks!”…the disco sucks movement, that was I think we can say now, 30 years later, that was informed partly by people’s aesthetic preferences, but also partly by a combination of racism and homophobia…the other way that disco was getting it was from people who saw themselves as defenders of blackness who did not like the way disco essentially de-racinated, took the race out of dance music…there are these two forces pushing against disco.

Altair Nouveau — Dark Energy


Year: 2009
Label: Emusic Selects
Length: 30:14

Electronic, dark John Carpenter styled music meets dance beats. Probably my favorite thing I ever got from Emusic.

As part of Emusic Selects, Emusic’s series of exclusive releases, it’s only available through Emusic. If you’re into this kind of music it may be worth giving Emusic a trial. Currently the album is selling at $2.45.

Track # Title Rating
1 Death on Four Wheels ★★★★
2 Cosmos ★★★★★
3 Dark Energy ★★★★
4 Street Thunder II ★★★★
5 Destroyer ★★★★

Grum — Heartbeats


One of my favorite dance/house albums of 2010. Fashion is a cover of the Bowie song.

Track # Title Rating
1 Through The Night ★★★★★
2 Can’t Shake This Feeling ★★★★
3 Runaway ★★★★
4 Fashion ★★★★★
5 Power ★★★★
6 Cybernetic ★★★
7 Heartbeats ★★★★
8 Turn It Up ★★★★★
9 Want U ★★★★
10 The Really Long One ★★★★
11 LA Lights ★★★
12 Someday We’ll Be Together ★★★★
Album Rating ★★★★