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Link: Doctorow, Anderson and Godin, Oh My

Over at Ditchwalk (great blog, btw) Mark Barrett writes a bit about celebrity as a platform and the advice of Chris Anderson, Cory Doctorow, and Seth Godin.

Essentially he’s talking about what some have started calling personal branding and freemium business models.

In effect, as long as people know who you are and want to [...]

About Layout Changes

Netflix changed their movie page layouts.

I think it looks better, but the Consumerist reports that some people are having conniptions about it.

Users had their say on Netflix’s blog. The entry announcing the change currently has 449 comments, and commenters on that page claim that the first 150 comments were removed.

Similar fits of rage [...]

Link: Mark Zuckerberg Will Personally Hack Your Facebook Account

I don’t know about Gawker’s headline, but this article goes through some old chat logs to show that Zuck might be a sleaze ball.

On developing ConnectU, a similar project, alongside Facebook:

Mark and this friend also had the following IM exchange about how Mark planned to resolve the competing projects: [...]

How Important Is SEO Really?

I think it’s not as important as it’s made out to be.

Windows Email Software

You might think Outlook, or maybe Thunderbird, but instead you get:

Operating System Company

Surely Microsoft would be at the top of the list, right?

Really Awesome Music To Dance To

!!! doesn’t come up, neither does Crazy P (the UK’s best kept secret, btw)

Incredibly cheap [...]

Link: Why I’m Dropping Google

Google knows more about you than the NSA, and has recently shown that it doesn’t give a hoot about your privacy. The company has gotten too big, and has turned into just another corporation trying to maximize its assets—and those assets are you. Who’s to say Google won’t progressively loosen its privacy controls [...]

Instapaper: The Kindle Killer App

The buzz is that the Kindle will die after the iPad is released. I’m not so sure. I think there might be room for both, simply because I think the iPad will not be a good reading device.

I don’t know that for sure, but I do know what it’s like to read long articles on [...]

This is seriously a story on Huffington Post

This just in…

Go away! Baitin’!

Facebook Hiatus

I don’t think Facebook sucks, although Toxic Culture thinks it does:

My beef with Facebook isn’t really that the site is run by content-stealing jerks…And has nothing to do with this or the fact that it is probably some DARPA project. And I don’t mind that it encourages narcissism. And this is not about [...]

Why Wouldn’t You Pay For Facebook?

I don’t think Facebook would ever charge, at least in the immediate future. They have plenty of investment capital, they’re bringing in money with advertising. The business model (is there a business model?) relies on getting as many people in to view advertisements. Charging for FB would reduce that number. There’s no reason for them [...]

Link: Buddy, The Singing Dog

There are a lot of dumb, cheap, funny videos on the Internet, but once in a while you see one that resonates with you. The latest one for me is Buddy, The Singing Dog.

I have a soft spot for singing/howling dogs, but what’s more here is it’s clear to me that Buddy is (or was) [...]