$120 a year

This is why I believe most people don’t pay for the streaming music services.

The data shows that $120 per year is far beyond what the overwhelming majority of consumers will pay for music, and instead shows that a price closer to $48 per year is likely much closer to a sweet spot to attract a large number of subscribers.

$120 a year is more than most people spend on music anyway.

The Smiths now Mastered for iTunes

Comments indicate nobody really understands what Mastered for iTunes means.

For those of you who already have albums by The Smiths – as I understand it, if you bought them on iTunes you can delete your download and redownload them again for the new files. If you ripped them from CDs and use iTunes Match, you can delete the downloads and redownload them from within the iTunes software. Do not delete from iCloud.

It’s hit and miss on whether or not you get that pretty Mastered for iTunes badge. Krik Mcelhearn wrote about this before.

Electronic / Karl Bartos

These songs sound similar.

Electronic’s Imitation of Life

Karl Bartos’s Musica Ex Machina

Bartos worked on Electronic’s Raise The Pressure, during which Imitation of Life was recorded.

What I think happened is that either Bartos had the riff of Musica Ex Machina composed during that time and composed a new track based off of the phrase, or when he was collaborating with Electronic he shared some tracks he just had sitting on a hard drive.