Skrillex Sound

Electronic music right now is in its comfort zone and it’s not moving one inch,” Thomas says. “That’s not what artists are supposed to do.” He adds that the genre is suffering “an identity crisis: You hear a song, whose track is it? There’s no signature. Skrillex has been successful because he has a recognizable sound: You hear a dubstep song, even if it’s not him, you think it’s him.

Making a “Favorites” Folder In Logic Pro 8

Once in a while I write Logic tutorials on this site. Lately I’ve been thinking of doing some videos. This video takes a look at how to quickly create a Favorites folder for setting aside your favorite Audio Instrument presets. Reason has a great way to do this – you just drag and drop to a list in the file browser. Until Apple comes up with a way to do something like that, consider this method.

Logic Pro 8 – Saving Your Favorite Software Instruments on Vimeo.

For other Logic tutorials, I highly recommend SFLogicNinja’s videos on Youtube. Where other videos go through basic concepts (like how to make a marker) to try to sell video sets, SFLogicNinja goes through some more advanced topics and doesn’t try to sell you anything.

Logic Pro Now Most Popular Apple Pro-App?

Take a look at the Apple Store‘s software section.

At the time of this post, Logic Studio is #12 in rank by top selling Apple Software applications.

Logic Studio is number 12

Among full, Pro apps (not counting Express versions), it is number 1.

It’s higher on this list than Aperture and Final Cut Studio.

I think Logic’s days of being Apple’s red-headed stepchild are over.

Logic Pro 8 Bug: Alternate Keyboard Layouts Are Ufcked

I love Logic 8. And I love the Dvorak keyboard layout.

But put all three of us together and it’s a bizarre love triangle.


p>And yes, I did complain about something similar in Reason 4, but I’ve never had this problem in Logic until version 8. This is likely a bug with Logic 8. Reason 4 just wasn’t designed with alternate keyboards in mind.

Machine: PowerMac G5 Dual 2.0Ghz


Logic Pro 8.0 and 8.01

Mac OSX 10.4.11 and OSX 10.5.1

Problem: Some Logic 8 Key Commands are mapped by key position, not key label. This causes problems for people who don’t use the American QWERTY keyboard layout.

Description In-Depth:

There are a lot of cool key commands you may not be able to use based on your keyboard layout. Some default key commands that are compromised in the Dvorak keyboard layout are:

  • / – Go To Position
  • Shift-] – Next Channel Strip Setting
  • Shift-[ – Previous Channel Strip Setting
  • = – Merge Regions
  • Shift+= – Merge Regions Per Tracks

There are more, and it generally seems to involve anything with /, =, [, and ].

Why not just reassign them? Because Logic 8 has Key Command Spaghetti. Try to change one of these commands and you get a notice that something else is using that key. They’re all tangled. Who really wants to pull that string?

EDIT: You can reassign them without much of a mess. It took me about 10 minutes. Back up your current key commands, go to the key command window and filter out unused key commands. Expand all the commands and switch between US QWERTY and your alternative layout. Anything that changes needs to be taken care of. Anything that conflicts is usually in another editor, so it shouldn’t cause problems with your current operation. I haven’t had problems…yet.

Read more about this problem here, and how it affects international (Not North American) users here.

What It Looks Like:

A shortcut menu for region merging with US QWERTY. Looks fine.

A QWERTY shortcut in Logic 8

A shortcut menu for region merging with Dvorak. The key commands have changed.

A Dvorak shortcut in Logic 8

And what you get when you try to reassign key commands correctly under Dvorak.

A QWERTY shortcut in Logic 8

How To Recreate it

Simply switch your keyboard layout to Dvorak, or to something with a different layout, and you’ll witness the magic of Logic spaghetti. If you have the key command open you may see them change right in front of you.

If you are having problems with this, please let Apple know. You shouldn’t have to change your keyboard layout everytime you want to produce music with the efficiency of key commands.

Plus, Dvorak is awesome.

Edit: See above underneath the bug description to see how you can solve this problem on your setup. Just keep in mind that Logic will have some key positions mapped for everyone else until Apple fixes the default key commands.

SFLogicNinja – Free Apple Logic tutorials

One of the most talked about Logic links going around right now is the profile of Youtube user SFLogicNinja.

SFLogicNinja, aka David Earl, has posted a number of Logic tutorials on Youtube. They aren’t just basic concepts either. Some tutorials are advanced Logic Pro techniques, including Audio To Score, Groove Templates, and more.

From what I’ve seen the videos are easy to follow along with and great for wrapping your head around Logic when a training series book just doesn’t cut it.

SFLogicNinja on Youtube.

Logic Pro 8 Bug: Arrange Drawing When Interacting With Folders and Panels

Machine: PowerMac G5 Dual 2.0Ghz


  • Logic Pro 8.0
  • Mac OSX 10.4.10

Problem: Arrange window does not draw correctly when going in and out of Arrange Folders. The arrange timeline is off and some regions get cutoff.

What it looks like:

A drawing bug in Logic Pro 8

How to recreate it:

  1. Create a few tracks
  2. Create a region on each track
  3. Stuff regions into a folder
  4. Go into folder
  5. Make the media sidebar viewable
  6. Go back up to higher arrange level
  7. Hide the Media window

Is it a fluke?

Maybe. I can only reliably recreate it during CPU intensive sessions during playback and those sessions were Logic 7 projects.

Logic Pro 8 Automatically Maps GM Midi Files

Here’s something cool…

Open a MIDI file. It could be anything you got from the net – something like an old Duran Duran song. It should be something General Midi compliant. Logic Pro 8 will ask if you want to create a New Environment or a copy of the one you’re importing. Either choice is fine. Logic Pro 8 will do it’s very best to match the GM MIDI tracks in the file with it’s own instruments.

The Logic Rip-Off?

Between the complaints about the iPhone price drop and the Logic price drop I’m pretty confident you can’t satisfy everybody.

I’ve been reading some posts on forums that Apple is completely ripping off its users by lowering Logic’s price. How this is the case boggles my mind.

Typically, the only people complaining are the people who either:

  1. Bought Logic before the August cut-off
  2. Are pissed because the price cut didn’t happen when they bought it

I suppose that if you bought Logic during the end of July I can understand your frustration. This kind of thing happens to everybody at some point. But it’s only another $200 to upgrade.

Others are upset that they just spent $1k on Logic a year ago. If you’re running a semi-professional studio I get the feeling that $1k for software will be the least of your expenses once you compare it to microphones, outboard gear, midi controllers, studio monitors, the Mac, and all the other bunch of things you may have.

Then there are users who don’t run studios and save every penny to buy Logic (Pro), and get pissed that it’s price dropped. Somehow they believe that Apple has a moral obligation to inform their users that their products will get price reductions and when they will be updated.

Would that be helpful? Hell yeah – then everybody would wait until the next version of everything, never buying anything NOW ever again. Are they obligated to do that? Of course not.

At the end of the day, the only people who should be complaining about Logic’s price drop are the people who make competing DAWs.

The Logic 8 Rumor Roundup Score

So how did we do?

New Effects and Instruments

The only new effect in Logic Pro 8 is the Delay Designer, which was expected. Other than that, a few upgrades in the compression department and that’s pretty much it.

BUT, given Logic’s new HUGE EXS library, you can’t blame Apple for not focusing on making a new synth. Cutting the price in half and including most of the Jam packs is definitely an incredible value. If you can’t find a suitable sound in Logic Studio you probably need to get new ears.

New Take Management

Yes. Much like GB’s and Soundtrack’s

.Caf Support

Logic 8 loops are .CAF loops, plus you can even record in .CAF now.

Touch Screen Interface

The closest we got to this is that the new interface is so cool you’ll want to lick it.

It only works with Leopard

Wrong again.

No XSKey

Dongles are on the way out.

It’s coming on August 20th

Partial credit for this one because it didn’t come out on a Tuesday. Logic Pro 8 was released on a Wednesday, just like Logic Pro 7.

A New Name

Does Logic Studio count?

A New Interface and No Environment

I’ve fallen completely in love with the new interface. People asked for an interface that unfolds as they demand more features, and that’s exactly what Logic Pro 8 does.

And while the Environment is still there, it might as well be as if it wasn’t. Now that creating new tracks and Aux channels is so much more efficient you’ll only go to the Environment for special cases.

It will Kill Pro Tools


p>I must confess that I’ve never used Pro Tools. I can’t compare Logic 8’s features to Pro Tools.

But check out this user review on the Apple Store:

As a former big studio engineer, I never had an issue with Pro Tools…until I went freelance.
I had the clientelle, but I simply didn’t have a “spare” $25,000 to invest into a full-blown Pro Tools HD rig. So I got my PowerMac G5, and an MBox.
Almost immediately, I began to hear comments on the thinness of the sound from my clients, and even complaints about the limited track count that LE had.
Something had to be done, and that’s when I started researching.
Soon, I realized that for an investment of $2,500, I could buy the Logic Studio, Apogee Ensemble, integrate them into my existing G5 setup- and INSTANTLY have every bit the editing power, composing power, and sound quality that the $25,000 PT HD rigs have.
And for a bonus, I get surround mixing capabilities, the ability to copy protect my clients valuable work on CD, the notation programs, 192k/24bit resolution, 255 track count, and the virtual instruments and amp modelling programs??
Forget about it.
It took me half a second to decide. For the first time in a long while, my clients are excited again, because they’ll get to have that major label sound, but in an intimate home envirnment where they dont have to pay an arm and a leg to get it.
Thanks Logic, I’m making the switch this month!

The Unexpected

I’m not sure anybody was expecting Soundtrack Pro 2 to be included, but I suppose in retrospect it’s a no brainer.

As for Mainstage, it’s a welcome addition and I definitely want to do more with it. It seems that some people are upset that it’s only for playing instruments and not for backing tracks.

I think that if you get too upset over that you’re missing the point of live performance.

Getting The Most From Your Logic Studio Software Manuals

Logic Studio Unboxing - 12

Learning new software is always rough, but learning upgraded software isn’t easy either. Key commands change, menus change, workflows change, and you still hold your habits from the previous version.

Here are steps you can take to get the most out of learning the changes in Logic Studio or learning any software with big, thick manuals.

Make a Plan

Commit to making some progress every day. Even if it’s as little as 10 pages a day, some movement is better than none.

Realize That Fundamentals are Important

While Logic 8 has an upgraded interface and workflow, most functions behave pretty much the same as Logic 7. It’s encouraging to know that all the time you spent learning the previous version still has value as you learn the ins and outs of the latest version.

Your Books Aren’t Sacred

Mark up your books. They aren’t bibles. If you’re religious you should probably mark up your bibles anyway.

Logic Team Love Note - 2

Buy a highlighter and use it. Everytime you read something different or new, highlight that section. Even if you never refer back to that text just taking the action of giving it special attention gives that information a better chance of staying in your memory.

If you reach a section on a new feature that you want to refer back to, simply attach a bookmark to the page. If you’re at the section about Logic 8’s new Comping feature, take a post-it note and write “Comping” and have it stick out of the book.

By the time you’re done you should have highlighted all the important and new material. And if you’re already familiar with the fundamentals you should be well on your way to understanding those new features – or at least know where to look.

Note what you don’t understand

It’s impossible to get up to speed immediately, so make sure to write down what you don’t understand. This way you can fill the gaps when you can devote more time.

Do, too

It helps if you’ve got Logic open while you’re going through those manuals. You can’t completely understand a new feature while you’re reading the reference manual at a library or on the toilet. Simply performing the action will get you farther than reading about it.

If you do read at your desk, bus stop, toilet, or any other place where you can’t access Logic, make a list of the things you read that you should actually do.

Print out those key commands

The Logic manuals will not go through every key command available, so you may want to consider exporting your key commands and printing them. Read through the list and see if any commands could assist your workflow. Learn the command and assign keystrokes to unused commands that could be helpful. List them in a text file or on a sticky on your OSX Dashboard. Now everytime you check the weather or stocks you will see that key command.

You could also change your key commands. In Logic 7, I think Shift+Command+M loaded a movie for scoring. I never did anything with movies, so it made more sense to assign that command to “Create Marker”.

This changed in Logic 8. Shift+Command+M does neither movies nor markers. Now it fits into general OSX software guidelines: Zoom (or Maximize Window). The key command for creating markers is Ctrl+K…obviously for “Kreate Marker.”

Get Involved With User Communities

Your understanding and comprehension will be incredibly accelerated when you discuss the software with other users.

In the case of Logic Express and Pro, here are some forums you can start contributing to:

The key word is contribute. Don’t be shy. Ask questions and answer them when you can. You’ll find that you’ll learn a whole lot about something when you have to teach it.

Things To Do While Installing Logic Studio

Logic Studio takes a long time to install, so here are a few things that anxious Logic users should consider doing while installing it.

  1. Learn a new language
  2. Give birth and raise a fine young man
  3. Read the manual
  4. Get your Apple Pro Certification on reading manuals
  5. Wait for Sun to turn into a blackhole and explore in
  6. Walk to Calcutta
  7. Discover AIDS vaccine
  8. Grow a beard – even the ladies you should try this one
  9. Anticipate OSX 10.6 – Thundercats
  10. Download the free songs that Apple gives you of the Logic Artist Spotlight
  11. Post on Twitter for each time you change an Install DVD. Don’t worry, this should only be once a year
  12. Write a screenplay about a musician installing software and his longing for streamlined interfaces. His arch nemesis – you guessed it, some dude with 50 screensets
  13. Convert your hardware synths to EXS samples without Autosampler
  14. Read Stephen King’s The Stand, the unedited version
  15. Listen to your hard drive beg for mercy


p>Do you have your own lists?

MainStage To Usher In a New Era Of Songwriting…For Me

I’m playing around on Logic’s EVB3 organ and thinking about how many songs come to memory just based on this instrument. I rarely use it, and with MainStage coming I think I’ll be taking a renewed approach to songwriting.

With Logic I sometimes feel like a guy who knows a lot about hammers. I know if the hammer is working. I can help people fix their hammers when they’re having problems. I regularly write about how awesome the hammer I use is and what the hammer manufacturer can do to make it even better.

But I rarely build houses.

When writing music at a computer it’s so easy to get wrapped up into doing everything but writing your music. You may not have any verses yet, but you’ve already mixed your chorus. You’re too busy to work with your melody because you’re still browsing all the synths you can use.

Since MainStage gets you OUT of the studio I’m hoping that it helps people jump over their creative blocks – and also get them away from using so many Apple Loops.