iTunes Podcast Syncing Stil Having Problems

TidBITS: Explaining Podcasts in iTunes 11.1:

The reality is that syncing of this information through iCloud is confused beyond belief, rife with incorrect and inconsistent behavior. In extensive testing, we experienced a variety of problems, at least some of the time. Sometimes one problem went away, only to be replaced by another.

  • Podcast subscriptions disappearing and reappearing randomly, and differently on four devices
  • Subscriptions syncing from one device to another in only one direction
  • Available episodes in a podcast differing between devices
  • Stations syncing without their underlying subscriptions syncing as well
  • Playback position syncing from iTunes to an iPhone, but not an iPad

Both iTunes and were updated this week. Still seems to be a problem.

The strangest one is that podcast play position is synced from iOS to iTunes, but you don’t know it until you play the podcast on your computer and it suddenly picks up where you left off because all the blue dot besides the episode are completely filled.

…That and the over 200 podcast episodes I get marked as unplayed.