Facebook To Break Out Mobile Apps

From The Verge:

Facebook plans to produce a number of slick, standalone apps designed for mobile. “When Mark says something like this publicly you can imagine that the company is following through on it,” said one source. If all goes as planned, Facebook is running headfirst into a fragmented future. But that might not be such a bad thing.

Everyone seems to hate something about Facebook…so pick the parts of Facebook you like most.

I expect the entire suite could look something like:

  • Facebook Status1
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook Photos (or Facebook Moments?)
  • Facebook News (or Paper)
  • Facebook Search
  • Facebook Check-In
  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Events

I think most people will hate it because they’re used to the bloated Outlook approach. But, like everything Facebook, they’ll hate it at first and then get used to it.

  1. The challenge with something like this, besides keeping it from being a Twitter clone, is “what’s a status update?” Is it a link? Shouldn’t links go under news? Is it a photo? Shouldn’t photos go in a Facebook photo app? 

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