Am I Searching Or Filtering?

Even Bob Lefsetz hates iTunes 11:

Let’s start with the search. Instead of getting the tracks in your library, you’re proffered choices. And navigating to your selection is slow and it used to be you just searched and what you were looking for was in the window. But no, they had to IMPROVE IT!

If you untick “search entire library” the pre-iTunes 11 behavior of searching the current view (playlist, album, filtering whatever is contained in your iTunes window) is restored. If I remember it right, that isn’t on by default. Who would want to see their search/filter results in that rectangle?

For example, how do I get to the track “Let’s Dance” from here?


I know what you’re thinking—why not just search for “Let’s Dance?” But what if I want to see “Let’s Dance” and other David Bowie tracks? I’m in a David Bowie mood.

Do I click the album? But won’t that start playing the entire album? Sometimes clicking that will navigate to the album in iTunes, but I don’t know what triggers that. I could click the “28…more” thing by “Songs”, but is that a button? What’s with the ellipses. It doesn’t look like a button, but there must be something there.

If I click that it does display all the David Bowie songs in my library, but if you’ve got a LOT of David Bowie songs you might not want to do that.

Lefsetz has that same problem:

And once you’ve got your selection, you’ve got a flippy triangle that gives you choices, always a different number, as many as nine! All I want to do is play a track! And this is my business. Is listening to music the business of anyone at Apple?

I wonder if this behavior is actually better for most iTunes users. If it is, what is wrong with these people?

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