No Stars For Web Views

Brent Simmons on the new Scrabble iPhone app.

I’ve never seen an app go so dramatically bad as the latest update of Scrabble for iPhone. (Don’t get it; don’t update if you have an earlier version.)

It got a graphics update. It looks fine. But it feels sluggish, jumpy, and horrible.

Isn’t this what Facebook discovered? Companies try to reduce development times by using HTML5, but it’s really hard to make a native feeling‘ app using HTML5. Rdio did the same thing and it feels SLOW compared to Spotify.

Related: That Words With Friends vs. Scrabble piece that glosses over some things about how poor the Scrabble app is compared to Words With Friends. Not only is Scrabble for iPad STILL not retina ready, but it also doesn’t even support EA’s own matchmaking service. Basically, Zynga is evil, but they know mobile software development better than Electronic Arts does.