Jimmie and Jules

I love Pulp Fiction, but there’s always something that’s felt off to me about it.

How do Jimmie and Jules know each other?



Jules is an assassin. He wears a badass suit. He says biblical phrases before he ices a guy. If he asked for a bite of my hamburger I’d give it to him too. Because I’d be scared.



Then there’s Jimmie. Jimmie lives in the suburbs. He’s married. He has a nice home. He drinks coffee in the morning. He buys the gourmet expensive stuff. He has dorky clothes that come in handy for when “Mr. Wolf” arrives.

When Jules shows up with a dead guy Jimmie is pissed. “Jimmie you know I ain’t seen no sign…”


Jimmie could get a fuckin’ divorce, and he doesn’t want to get fuckin’ divorced.

Yet Jimmie wants to help Jules, but he’s got limits:

Now man, you know, fuck, I wanna help you, but I don’t want to lose my wife doing it, all right?

I love that scene and every time I watch it I wonder what the history between Jimmie and Jules is. Up until this point nearly everyone in the movie is scared of Jules. Then here comes Jimmie telling Jules to “knock it off.”

I wonder how well do they know each other that Jimmie can talk to Jules this way. How did they meet? Was Jimmie an assassin in a former life? Was Jules a big dork in a former life?

I think it’s one of the greatest mysteries in movie history.