An Argument Against “Pay What You Want” Pricing

I also dislike “Pay What You Want” pricing, for many of the reasons Hazard states here. But this one may be the number one reason I dislike it.

Each of my fans knows that when they enter a dollar amount, I’m going to see it. Some even follow up with an email to explain their thought process. This creates a lot of unnecessary friction.

Basically, I feel like an asshole if you say “Pay What You Want!” and feel like the price I choose is less than what you expected.

In March, a lot of people put out their RPM Challenge albums on Bandcamp. I am not paying $10 for a rush job, but if I put in less than what you’re expecting ($10 an album) you’ll think I’m a jerk, but YOU are the jerk because you told me to pay what I wanted and now you’re judging me for it.

Of course, maybe you aren’t judging me for it, but that’s what’s going through my head whenever you ask me to pay what I want.