Dan Frommer reports on Tweetbot’s new success:

Thanks to a price cut to $0.99 and the new Twitter launch on Thursday, Tweetbot has been shooting up the iPhone App Store charts, according to App Annie.

Why are people switching to Tweetbot from the original Twitter app? Because Tweetbot is a lot like the original Twitter app that everybody liked.

Back in April of this year Ben Brooks wrote:

I have yet to decide if I like Tweetbot any more, or less, than I like the official Twitter app — I did note two annoying things:

  1. The app doesn’t have the “one” single feature that is unique to it.
  2. The app feels like a nice wrapper of eye candy applied over the existing apps out there (mainly the official Twitter app).

Linking to Brooks’s piece, Marco Arment writes:

A new Twitter client that essentially offers the Twitter app’s features, but in different places, isn’t enough of a difference for me to switch.

Now that the new Twitter app isn’t so good there’s a reason to switch.