Weblogs, IM and email

From Waffle on Google+

You know what I like? Weblogs, IM and email. Weblogs is an excellent way to disseminate writing. IM is an excellent way to actually have a conversation with people, although with the benefit of passing links along. Email is an excellent way to send less temporally bound, read-when-you-have-time messages that can sometimes carry the gravitas of an actual piece of mail.

This is the kind of approach I’ve been wanting to take…or go back to. On Google+ you can separate people into groups, but that can become a lot of work. After playing around with it I wondered why I should use this instead of email, which everyone has and isn’t limited to any social networking site.

You know what? If you’re interested in the same things I’m interested in you should just subscribe to my weblog, because you’ll probably like what I post. If you have something to say to me email is just fine. You don’t need to write on my wall. Besides, that’s my wall. Stop posting on my wall. You have your own wall you can post shit to. Stop making our one-on-one conversations public.

If you want to see my photos I have a Flickr page. If you want to get my status updates you can follow me on Twitter. Not into photos? You probably aren’t on Flickr or Picassa. Not into status updates? You probably aren’t on Twitter anyway.

There are a bunch of other sites with more specific interests that you may be on already…games, books, music, videos,1 and they’re all better than similar offerings from Facebook and Google+. If you’re into none of that stuff then you don’t need to subscribe to any of it. I’ll do the same with you and we can avoid the hurt feelings that inevitably come with friending, un-friending, and notification anxiety.

  1. I’m talking about sites like Playfire, Goodreads, Last.fm, and Vimeo. Don’t forget about the tons of forums. I used to spend tons of time on Logic Pro Help.
    Ok, maybe nobody you know are on these sites. But so many people complain about what their friends post on Facebook it’s a wonder they continue to call them friends. Maybe make some new friends on these sites.