Why I Miss Coversutra’s Growl Support

Ok. Don’t judge either the music or the 11 overdue Omnifocus tasks.

Coversutra had Growl support before version 2.5/3. I liked to use the Music Video view. I thought it was pretty cool. Music Video styled Growl notifications look like this:

Growl - Music Video

The music video view is big, but not really a problem because I don’t click things at the bottom of the screen.

As of Mac App Store Coversutra, Growl support was removed. I still want notifications when a track changes so I need to use Coversutra’s built-in notifications. It’s a window that pops up underneath Coversutra’s menu bar icon in the upper right.

Ok. Not a big deal, but sometimes this happens:


A notification pops up at the same time I want to click something underneath the notification, usually a browser tab or a search box. So I have to wait for the notification to fade away in order to take an action. If it fades away, but not completely, the notification pops up 100% again when I hover my cursor over that area and I have to wait another few seconds.

It’s a minor annoyance that I used to not have to deal with, but now I deal with it at least a few times a week.

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