Pro Tools 9 Might Let You Use Any Hardware

Looks like in the near future you’ll be able to use any audio hardware with Pro Tools.

Via AIR Users Blog about Pro Tools 9.

Word from very reliable (albeit unofficial) sources, is that the hardware chains are coming off…If I’m wrong then I’ll eat my hat, any suggestions as to what hat would be your preferred choice, let me know!

They also state that this will be a great opportunity for Avid to gain back some ground from Apple:

…the recent news from Cupertino is that Pro Applications including Final Cut have been put back, so any ideas of Logic getting an update in the near future may be about as likely as cycling to the Moon. So in that respect, Apple may be getting a serious run for their money from Avid sometime soon, which could mean that there may be an Apple moment for Avid after all! True Pro Tools lovers may fall in love again with their first love DAW sweetheart and live happily ever after.

I don’t know about the rest of the Pro Apps, but since the release of Logic 9 last summer I think Apple has approached Logic like OSX. They don’t need to update it much anymore. It’s a mature application now, at least from the user perspective.

Granted, I use Logic about once or twice a week these days, so what do I know.

EDIT: Of course, shortly after I put this in the queue Apple announces a Mac event.

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