You can learn a lot about somebody by how they Play L4D

You are not playing Doom…

Why did you go off alone? Why? WHY? The rest of your team can only watch you die from that distance. And we will, unfortunately.

Why did you go backwards? That’s right, you’re going to take on a smoker, hunter or charger. All by yourself. Good luck!

kundalinikat on Reddit

I think you can learn a lot about someone by how they play Left 4 Dead.

My brother, for example, is like this. He hasn’t realized that this is a team game. He’ll try to be the hero. He’s the guy who activates the Witch. AI controlled teammates would heal him. One time this happened twice in five minutes. A human player would not have done that.

He complains when you can’t revive him right away. My arm is being bitten off. I have my own problems.

The stats show he took the least amount of damage and killed the least amount of infected. He’s a burden to the rest of the team.

Some levels, particularly indoor ones, he’ll try to rush through by himself to the end of the map, which activates all those zombies for the other three to handle.

You know that map where you have to activate the crane, which startles the zombies, which come at you with everything they’ve got? First time we played that he went on high ground with a sniper rifle, claiming to protect the other three players. Everyone got mauled except him.

No. You have to be on the ground with the rest of us.

Same thing with the helicopter rescue map. He went for high ground sniping the tank. Meanwhile, the rest of us are being thrown off the building.

When the REAL zombie apocalypse comes he’ll be the guy who locks himself and his family in the basement, or the dude who makes his zombie girlfriend have his zombie baby. There will be people like this, who try to survive just like how they’d try in L4D, and you’ll probably realize they’re like this when it’s too late.