Superbowl Halftime Show Mismatches / Baby Boomer Death Grip

A little late for Superbowl talk, but…

None of these groups and (potential) sponsors would really fit with the people I see watching the Superbowl, but when Prince did a halftime show few years ago it made me wonder if halftime shows like this are really that far-fetched.

  • The Charmin Superbowl Halftime Show featuring Wham
  • InBev Mega Halftime Show with Depeche Mode
  • Pfizer’s Erectile Dysfunction Show with special guest Tony Bennet
  • Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap with (insert Jam Band here)
  • The Kia Sportage Supah-Brotha Halftime special with Shohen Knife

I think your favorite indie band will never play a halftime show. My gut says people who like Death Cab For Cutie don’t watch football.

Over at Big Hollywood Daniel Kalder takes a look at why the past few years of Superbowl Halftime shows are mostly old people:

This year, clearly fearing that they were running out of heritage rock acts to hire, the Super Bowl organizers invited The Who to perform. Now I don’t mind a bit of The Who, they were definitely good about 40 years ago, possibly even still good 35 years ago around the time I was born, but ever since… well Who Cares? As they have only released one new record in several centuries they are perhaps the ultimate self-tribute band, not even interested in trying new things. Yawn.

So it seems that the rules if you want to perform at the Superbowl post- Janet Jackson are: 1. No breasts, and thus no women 2. If you are a man, then you must have a prescription for Cialis.

Super bowl Halftime Show: Time For Baby Boomers To Release Their Cultural Death Grip

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