Why My Blog Is Currently Anemic

Written on December 6, 2008 – 9:10 am | by Dan

It was May 2005 when I first started BBAH.

A few things happened around that time. For starters, while I graduated college in December ‘04, most of my friends graduated in May ‘05. There really wasn’t anything like a Facebook 3 1/2 years ago (and I hate MySpace, so that was out), so starting a blog was a necessity to keep friends up to date on the general points of your life since you’d stop seeing them every day.

So most of the earlier posts on BBAH were meant for a very small audience - me and my friends - about 5-10 people.

Today if I want to keep in touch with my friends there’s the Facebook. There’s Twitter. There are a whole bunch of other social networking sites we could use, but my bread and butter has been those two.

So why continue to put so much energy into a blog for these kinds of updates?

I think this is something that’s generally going on in the internet right now - personal blogs are on the decline because of new tools like Twitter and Facebook.

I think it might be a good thing. I know I’ve spent an hour writing and editing entries for this blog, but with Twitter I can sum up my basic point in 140 characters and still feel like I’ve said something and move on. If somebody is interested in what I said, which is almost never, they can @reply me. Meanwhile, I can just move on.

The investment of time in Facebook and Twitter is significantly less than rolling your own solution.

Still, BBAH has its purpose when it comes to longer content. When something requires more than 140 characters or a quick wall post, I can turn to a blog. On the flip side, if something requires communicating to a small group of people (for convenience or, ironically, some kind of pseudo-privacy) I can turn to Facebook - where only people I’ve approved can view that communication.

So really:

  • Social Network = Everyday use
  • Blog = Longer entries

From now on I’ll reserve this space for bigger things. I’ll only enable comments on the posts that I think deserve comments. If you like what I write here you can check out my Twitter. I’m on Facebook, but if you know me in RealLifeā„¢ you probably already know that.

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