Party Shuffle: A Test In Scrolling

Written on September 27, 2008 – 8:45 am | by Dan

Feedback I submitted to Apple about the following:

iTunes Party Shuffle

I use playlist folders to help sort through the various static and smart playlists I have. Party Shuffle is a great iTunes feature that doesn’t use these folders to its advantage, in my opinion. When picking a party shuffle source, users with a folder setup like mine get a long drop down list of iTunes folders and the playlists they contain - mine takes up more than the entire height of my 1680×1050 display.

Why not treat these like bookmarks in Safari? Safari doesn’t show me every bookmark I have in the folder until I hover my cursor over that folder. If that was implemented in iTunes’ Party Shuffle it would be more efficient than the current method and simplify picking a playlist as the Party shuffle source.

I used to never use Party Shuffle - but when I started using Quicksilver to navigate through iTunes (I’ve moved on to Coversutra, but I digress) I saw how this is much like how I used to listen to music 10 years ago, queuing up a few CDs and running through them - and I still like to do that.

Even with iTunes’ new Grid View that brings back album love, I still find it more convenient to pick out something I want to listen to now and follow it with something I think I’d like to listen to an hour from now.

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