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It’s Not The Platform; It’s The Software

Microsoft is launching it’s counter-offensive (or defensive?) to Apple’s “Get A Mac” Ad campaign. They’ve started out with The Mojave Experiment. The Mojave Experiment is basically the Pepsi Challenge for Windows. What do people think of Windows Vista® when they … Continue reading

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Dell’s Studio Series

Ok, Dell’s Studio series PCs and notebooks do look kind of cool. Dell’s Studio Hybrid Dell’s most unique, stylish, and conscientious desktop PC. Designed to fit into your environment while protecting the environment. At $500 it could be a really … Continue reading

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Would You Cover Footloose For A Friend?

Update: Please Digg this story. Yes, it’s for the original page. Doveman, aka Thomas Bartlett, covered the soundtrack to the 1984 film, Footloose, at the request of his friend Gabriel Greenberg. Such an interesting story behind this – From Greenberg: … Continue reading

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New eMusic Design Now Online

Just saw that eMusic’s redesign is now live. Looks like they’re trying to make it easier for people to review music. There’s also some integration with sites like Youtube, Flickr and Wikipedia – though oddly nothing for Last.FM. Initial thoughts: … Continue reading

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Adium on the iPhone and iPod Touch

I don’t think I’ll buy an iPhone, but I will be tempted to grab the next revision of the iPod Touch if it has a speaker on it. And it’s all because of the app store. And since the iPhone … Continue reading

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Music Sharing on Pownce and

When you hear music you want someone else to hear, how do you do share it? Here are some ways we’ve always done it: IM File Transfer FTP Server Napster Thumb Drive Limewire But now there are some other options … Continue reading

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Why Not Harvey Danger?

When Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, and Saul Williams get praised for releasing their music for free on the Internet, do you ever wonder why the same doesn’t happen as much for Harvey Danger? Consider this: Harvey Danger released their album … Continue reading

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Preview of The Last.FM iPhone App

The Pandora app is getting some buzz right now, but this preview of the iPhone/iPod Touch app looks pretty cool. Looks like you can: <ul> <li>Listen to radio</li> <li>View your charts</li> <li>Love and ban tracks</li> <li>Send recommendations to … Continue reading

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Being Afraid of Failure Doesn’t Help

This morning I was listening to some of my old music projects from 10 years ago. I think anyone who creates for a living or for themselves gets a little embarrassed going through their old material, and this wasn’t any … Continue reading

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Wallpaper. – T.Rex

Great track, but between this, T-Pain, Cher, and a bunch of others – nobody’s allowed to use autotune anymore.

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