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Photonic and Exposure – Pay For Programs That Let You Do Things You Already Do For Free

2 Mac apps that do pretty much the same thing; let you browse around on Flickr without actually having to go to the Flickr website. Photonic Exposure Photonic was just released. Exposure is in testing. Exposure (will?) also has a … Continue reading

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I’m Pretty Sure This Is Samson From Carnivale

Carnivale was a kickass show, right? Sonic And Knuckles CommercialAdd to My Profile | More Videos Link: Classic Sonic & Knuckles Commercial – Videos – Geekstir – News, videos & pictures from the World of Geek.

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Everything I Know About Multi-Tasking I Learned From Final Fantasy

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Sometimes I Get The Feeling That People Who Own iPhones Really Don’t Need Them

Top iPhone Ringtones on 2/14.

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Angry Video Game Nerd On Virtual Boy

Me and a guy from Alaska were the only people who bought a Virtual Boy at launch. I saved up all summer for it. Link: Angry Video Game Nerd: Virtual Boy – Gaming – Geekstir – News, videos & pictures … Continue reading

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Congressman Lessig?

BoingBoing is reporting that Lawrence Lessig may be considering running for congress. The movement to draft Lawrence Lessig has now picked up considerable steam and a blog has been launched to keep track. After the death of representative Lantos Lessig’s … Continue reading

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The New Look of Apple Pro Apps

Apps with the old look Soundtrack Pro 2 Apple Loops Utility Final Cut Pro No picture here. I don’t own Final Cut. What it looks like Pinstriped, thin, top bars. Look is OS9-y. Very blue. Floating windows can be overwhelming … Continue reading

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The Infamous Any Kaufman Fridays Sketch

This is the infamous “Marijuana” sketch from the early 80s comedy program, FRIDAYS, in which Andy Kaufman appeared to get into an on-air brawl with the cast and crew, including Michael Richards. I kind of think that Andy was right … Continue reading

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Tay Zonday on British TV Singing Lilly Allen’s Smile

Via: Video: Tay Zonday sings Lily Allen’s “Smile” « the listenerd

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The Dvorak Keyboard Layout

Lifehack has a post about the Dvorak keyboard layout: If you have been looking for a way to increase your productivity without having to train your mind to think or behave in a completely new way, then many will point … Continue reading

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