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IMAP Is Awesome 5 Years Ago – Building a Better Email Protocol For Tomorrow

While everyone is going nuts over Gmail’s new IMAP support, I think it’s implementation is too little, too late. IMAP would’ve been a great addition to GMAIL years ago, but many of its benefits have been displaced or improved on … Continue reading

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The Yaris Is For Nerds

I’ve been thinking about buying a new car and have been doing some research. It seems that Toyota has been marketing the Yaris to young people pretty heavily. I’ve seen the ads on the Xbox 360 Dashboard, the downloadable games, … Continue reading

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Gmail with IMAP is a Pain in the

I requested IMAP access to Gmail and was very excited to learn that Google has enabled it, but I think I spoke too soon. There are a number of issues with trying to use Gmail with with either POP … Continue reading

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Gmail Now Supports IMAP

Sick of not having your GMail account in perfect sync with your desktop client? Worry no more. They are launching IMAP support. Via: About Gmail

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In The New World of iTunes Plus…

iPods get smaller. No DRM is good, but it’s always something. 80 GB iPod = 20,000 10,000 songs 160 GB ipod = 40,000 20,000 songs 4 GB iPod Nano = 1,000 500 songs 1 GB iPod Shuffle = 240 120 … Continue reading

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Sexy Classical Album Art?

I don’t mean to sound sexist, but here goes anyway. It’s obvious that beautiful women on album art helps sell music. Even pictures of unattractive women who look like they might sleep with you (guys) help sell music. This is … Continue reading

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iTunes Plus – The Other Shoe Price Drops

It’s confirmed – 99¢ for iTunes Plus tracks. Apple Reduces Prices on iTunes Songs Without Anti-Copying Software – Via: Ars Technica – Jobs Confirms iTunes Plus Price Drop Across The Board

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Major iTunes Plus Upgrade Coming Tomorrow?

With Amazon seeing success with their MP3 store, Apple better step things up with iTunes Plus. And I suspect they’ll do that tomorrow for 2 reasons: Some indie releases are now available as iTunes Plus These same releases only charge … Continue reading

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Solve piracy problems? How about we scare people?

New Music Strategies posts about how threatening legal action against filesharers has not resulted in reduced filesharing among students, but has increased political activism. What’s going on with the music industry is similar to what’s going on with software. Particularly, … Continue reading

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10 Days To Make "In Rainbows?!?"

From the same people who brought you the video of the new Halo 3 sound effects. I was, jus’…bloggin’. Good luck to The Radioheads.

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