Dammit, Phil Collins!

For the past week I’ve been driving into work with the song Easy Lover on repeat.

I suppose that when addicts get out of rehab they may be tempted by a drug once in a while but resist the temptation. Yet sometimes they relapse after one event or experience reminds them of their euphoria.

The marketing campaign for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is what made me relapse. The commercials use Easy Lover for the background music, and apparently the protagonist is a big Phil Collins fan.

Scott once asked me, “Dan, how can you like Phil Collins?” He had been browsing through my iTunes library at the time, which contained …But Seriously. “I just don’t understand.”

My dad’s always been a pretty big Genesis fan, so he naturally followed Phil Collins’s solo efforts throughout the 80s. I was growing up during that decade, so the seed was planted.

In today’s recorded music industry, pop stars have to be sexy and attractive before any record label will even judge their music. But then there’s people like Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel; odd looking guys, one of which always had his face on his album covers and reminds me of the Kipper Kids, and they’re staples of 1980’s music culture.

Maybe they were doing something right.

We all grew up on what we would now consider to be crappy music. Over time we grew our own music tastes, or latched on to what we perceived to be hip.

The music that your parents listen to today – you would’ve probably loved it when you were a kid. Almost everybody was raised on lame music, including your folks. To deny yourself the guilty pleasure of listening to that lame music once in a while is akin to trying to forget anything you found pleasurable when you were a kid, no matter how uncool it is. I’m not saying it’s ok to eat paste again.

Plus, Easy Lover is just a very well crafted pop song. Besides, maybe GTA: Vice City is making it trendy to listen to this stuff again, too.

2 thoughts on “Dammit, Phil Collins!”

  1. Well Dan, I thought Ben Gibbard made Phil Collins cool again when The Postal Service covered “Against All Odds.”

    Maybe Ben Gibbard is the Phil Collins of our generation. Death Cab for Cutie will be looked back upon as a band of unsurpassing genius, and Ben Gibbard will be frowned upon as he gets bald and fat and grabs his crotch on national television appearances at the Hard Rock Cafe.

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