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Why $250 Is Perfect For The Wii

We’re looking just over a month for the release of the Wii. Lots of people have been enthusiastic over its release, and competitors have been encouraging their customers to subsidize the lack of material of their own consoles with the … Continue reading

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Oh my goodness, my first hurts from that METEOR!!…Er, um uh, that is to say uh, PHONE.

I needed to laugh, so I grabbed Norm Macdonald’s new album off Emusic. It’s called Ridiculous. It’s the typical Norm style of comedy. You kind of know where he’s going, but the journey is the fun part. I thought it … Continue reading

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The Computer Is Still Not a Typewriter!

The summer before fourth grade, my sister warned me that everything would change in the next school year. I’d have to learn cursive and use it everyday for the rest of my life. Later that school year I was sent … Continue reading

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I Wouldn’t Doubt If In 50 Years This Is Real

Google Romance is obviously an April Fool’s joke, but I think it really isn’t too far off. The tour is good for a laugh, like “User A uploads her profile. User B uploads several different wildly divergent profiles.” Get Google … Continue reading

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My New iPod came today

And I’ve been syncing it with my iTunes libarary…for the past hour and a half. Details to follow…?

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Do Stock Photos Work?

I came across morgueFile. MorgueFile’s deal is that they offer free-to-use stock photos for corporate or personal use. They are NOT in the public domain, but are under their terms of service. Pretty cool. Looks like you can browse by … Continue reading

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Cookie Cutters

I’ve been thinking of getting Keynote. I don’t do presentations very often. Maybe once in a while I set up some Powerpoint slides, and I think Powerpoint is alright. The thing that’s most wrong with Powerpoint is the way that … Continue reading

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Please Stop Distorting The Facts and Sensationalizing The News

Come on now! A third of iPod owners are ‘stealing’ music on the net “Free activity – both legal and otherwise – significantly outweighs paid activity,” Does not mean the same thing as “All iPod owners are thieves.” This article … Continue reading

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Sometimes I’d Rather Not Know

I was curious to see what my blog traffic is like. A while ago I started using Google Analytics. This is Google’s free web stats package. All you do is create a site profile and paste the Javascript that it … Continue reading

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Maybe You Don’t Understand OR Think Before You Act

In my music business course in college we were assigned to go to a local music store and get the grand tour. I went with a few people and we saw the stock in the back, the repair shop downstairs, … Continue reading

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