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The Wind Waker Sucks

Summarize The Wind Waker in one sentence or more. Terrible piece of crap. Okay, a little harsh. The Wind Waker is an alright game, but as a Zelda game it’s terrible. Chris told me that he’s replaying it. I don’t … Continue reading

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Something About Cheese and How It Moves

I’ve learned not to be so upset about having a job or career that isn’t 100% related to what I studied in school. When you were at your High School graduation, did someone in your graduating class say something like … Continue reading

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Hanging in Hamburg

Had a good time last weekend hanging with buds in Hamburg! Chris gave us a tour of his hometown and of Buffalo. We all caught up with each other. Andrew prepares for his new life in Chicago. Life seems to … Continue reading

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OLGA and Guitar Tab Infringement

Full Article: The On-line Guitar Archive goes offline – The Digital Music Weblog The National Association of Music Publisher’s and the Music Publisher’s Association have brought legal action against the Online Guitar Archive. Does that really infringe copyrighted work? It … Continue reading

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Ok. Maybe Cingular Isn’t Completely Messed Up

I called them back today, explained the situation, and got things resolved. The service conditions have been mailed and were even emailed to me. As far as customer service reps, seems like they need to add a little quality control … Continue reading

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Oh My God – Cingular Has Its Head Up Its Ass

About a month ago I got a Cingular phone. Rather, I was granted a Cingular phone through my employer – family business kind of deal. The phone is a Nokia 6012i. It’s alright I guess, although it isn’t recognized by … Continue reading

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There’s Also Marsedit

Seems to be a little more elegant than Ecto. It feels more Mac-like, although it seems that Ecto is more customizable than MarsEdit. Both offer trials that last about a month. Ecto costs like $5 less than Marsedit. Over the … Continue reading

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Ecto Cooler – A Blogging Refresher

I’m going to try a new blogging program called Ecto. Macjournal doesn’t really do quite a good job with HTML formatting, so I wanted to see other alternatives. Ecto seems pretty cool. You can choose to write your posts in … Continue reading

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You Don’t NEED To Have Photoshop

So why even get it? Tons of people, including myself and friends of mine, have “acquired” Photoshop in one way or another. We have heard that Photoshop was the solution for image editing. It was the ONLY way to do … Continue reading

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Web Developers Have To Know A Lot Of Shit

Scenario 1: Author Salesperson: What do you want to do with your computer? Customer: I want to finally write that book I’ve been wanting to write for the past 30 years. Salesperson: Awesome. So, to get started you’ll need a … Continue reading

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