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People Who Want Fast Money Are Fucking Nuts!

Oh my God! Has anyone seen Mad Money? I’m up in Burlington right now flipping through the channels. CNBC has this program on with a stock advisor named Jim Cramer. He’s insane. It’s like watching the WCW or being at … Continue reading

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Jamming With My Boys

Last weekend I jammed with some college buddies. If you want, go here and look for files with “Jameroo” in them if you want to hear them. There are 12 tracks…I think 7 of them are downloadable now.

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Tangible Is Replacable

I remember reading a while ago off the RIAA’s site from a music store owner about how his independent record store was losing sales to illegal downloading. The article is no longer online, but the store owner said something like, … Continue reading

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Hip Hop Week On NPR

NPR recently began their podcast strategy, whatever that means. What’s great is that it’s given music fans more of an opportunity to listen to music programs without commercial interests (debatable?). Last week was hip hop week on Fresh Air. Terry … Continue reading

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